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DoveWriters is a safe place to make your work shine.

Writing can get lonely -- but sharing your work can be scary, too. So how are you supposed to know if you're any good? And how can you get better? DoveWriters is thrilled to announce Writer's Suites: groups of 4-6 writers who commit to writing, reading and critiquing each other's work for 12 weeks. 


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Critique, Classes + More

DoveWriters is committed to helping you hone your craft, understand the publishing industry, learn how to blog, and get your writing out into the world. You are the hero of your writing story -- here's how we can help:

  • Learn industry secrets from expert insiders who have tons of knowledge about what it takes to be published with our online classes. 
  • Help you build a beautiful blog with our Blog Builders program.
  • Critique your work and give you honest feedback with our Reading + Critique services.
  • Find your tribe with your own private Writer's Suite, where you'll commit to 90 Days of writing, reading, and critiquing each other's work. 

What's a Writer's Suite?

A Writer's Suite is: 

  • A group of 4-6 writers just like you who commit to write, read, and critique each other's work for 12 weeks. 
  • A safe place to make your work shine, where you'll get honest feedback, support, and encouragement. 
  • A way to expand your network and circle of influence and meet other craftspeople. 

A Writer's Suite is perfect for: 

  • Brand new writers who want to explore the craft in a safe environment, get feedback on their work, and learn about the writing + publishing process. 
  • Experienced writers and bloggers who want actual critique (not just raves from friends!)
  • Have your work personally critiqued by our founder, Kerry Connelly, up to three times in a round.

Your story.


Kerry's story

My true confession: I started DoveWriters because I know how lonely writing feels. I wanted a writing partner -- someone I could count on to read my work and give me honest feedback. I realized I probably wasn't the only one out there feeling that way, so DoveWriters is here to be your guide you through the process of writing and getting published. 

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About Kerry

She's a jerseygirl in love with jesus

Kerry first got the writing bug in eighth grade, when her English teacher noticed she had an innate ability to use a semi-colon correctly. Now, her blog, Jerseygirl, Jesus has a loyal following, and her first book, PAUSE: Making Time To Walk With God hits shelves in September, 2017. She started DoveWriters because she wanted serious writing accountability in a safe environment with other Jesus freaks. Kerry's work has been featured in She Loves Magazine, SAVORLIFE Magazine, and on, among others.