About Kerry


Kerry Connelly has been writing since the eighth grade, when an English teacher went crazy over her innate ability to use a semi-colon. Bad poetry eased her way through the angst of her teenage years (although she did win a poetry contest or two, and none was more surprised than her) and she continued to write through college.

Her muse slightly fickle, she kept her writing as a hidden habit, indulging it only when it insisted. With the world of blogging, however, she came to realize that her work resonated with people. Like any ego would, hers was fed by this, and she felt encouraged to continue. 

Now, her blog, Jerseygirl, Jesus has a loyal following, and her first book, PAUSE: Making Time To Walk With God hits shelves in September, 2017. She started DoveWriters because she wanted serious writing accountability, but wasn't sure if her faith-based writing would be welcomed in most writers circles (her ego, though loud, is also quite fragile). 

Kerry's work has been featured in She Loves Magazine, SAVORLIFE Magazine, and on DailyWorth, among others. She is currently at work on two books, a devotional based on the Jerseygirl, Jesus blog, and a memoir. She is a New York City Leadership Fellow and was selected as a Leading Woman Entrepreneurs of New Jersey in 2016. She is a Certified Christian Coach and Human Behavior Specialist, and a Certified Manifest Method Coach.