Promote Your Work With Confidence with Phyllis Nichols

Promote Your Work With Confidence with Phyllis Nichols

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With Phyllis Nichols of Sound Advice Sales + Marketing


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Learn a BRILLIANT exercise to help you find YOUR target audience, plus tips and tricks about how to share your work to get noticed. 

As much as we might all groan about it, writers need to be able to promote their own work if they want their voices to be heard. In this class, you'll learn not just the How To's of self-promotion, but also how to feel great about it, too! Phyllis will teach you her powerful Unleash Your Confidence process to help you tap into your self-trust to improve your marketing results. Phyllis says, "It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. As writers, you know that better than most, and it's especially true when growing an audience who want to read and buy what you write."

This course will show you how to market on your own terms (really!) by being the best version of yourself. Yep -- you'll have to put your work "out there", but together, we'll walk through how to develop a plan that works for you.  Your style. Your Way.

About Phyllis:

Phyllis is the founder of two thriving businesses: SoundAdvice Sales and Marketing, a company that helps entrepreneurs build their business providing strategy + content + done for you services, and Kitchen Sink Web Design, a boutique firm that caters to creatives and service providers. She uses her expertise to help creative entrepreneurs grow revenue resources, and infuse confidence and creativity when they tell their marketing stories. 

She hosts events and speaks regularly to local, and national groups about how to effectively attract raving fans, loyal clients and increase sales while building businesses of purpose and using their powers for good.  Phyllis volunteers to make a difference in the lives of women. She currently lives in Columbus Ohio with her husband.

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