Writer's Suite Rules

In order for DoveWriters to truly be a sacred and safe place, we must have certain rules in place. Anyone breaking these rules will be given one warning. If they break the rules again, they will be removed from their Writer's Suite and no refunds will be given. Since our founder is from New Jersey, she doesn't really care if you get mad at her. She just wants to make sure everyone feels safe in this creative space. 

General Rules

  1. By participating in DoveWriters, you acknowledge that this is a Christian program. You do not need to be a follower of Christ to participate; however, no writings that denigrate our Lord and Savior will be permitted. 
  2. You acknowledge that while we are all (probably) Christians here, each of us is in a different place in our journey with Jesus, and this is a judgement free zone. 
  3. Additionally, like the first believers in Christ, we are a motley crew of souls from a number of different traditions, backgrounds and practices. Each and every one of us will show respect and be shown respect. 
  4. This is not a place to debate our beliefs but to work on our craft. 
  5. Our Founder, Kerry Connelly, writes what many would consider to be "progressive" Christian thought on her blog, Jerseygirl, Jesus. You don't have to think or write the same way, but you acknowledge that you are aware of Kerry's views. (By the way, she's a Christian who curses. You agree to not be offended -- or at least to ignore her if you are.)
  6. In light of #3, no hatred, Islamaphobia, bigotry, homophobia, racism, or sexism will be tolerated, either in the writing or in your critique of your partners' work. Honest probing, doubt, and struggle with these issues is welcomed and encouraged, and one does not need to be affirming of homosexuality to apply. But writing hate speech is unacceptable in this space. You are free to do it elsewhere -- but not here.

Rules of Critique

  1. It is important to keep the environment positive and affirming of our writing partners, while still bringing out the best in our own and each other's work. We want this to be a lush garden where ideas bloom, not an arid desert where they dry up to a crisp under the rays of brutal scrutiny. For this reason, all comments and critique should follow the 2+1+2 rule:
    1. Two things you enjoy about the piece
    2. One thing you found confusing, weak, or under-developed
    3. Two suggestions or opportunities for improvement. 
  2. Remember to be kind.
  3. Remember that even though you don't like a certain style of writing, it can still have merit and value.